Some Common Misconceptions about New Oriental Rugs

Rugs are an ideal solution for almost any kind of interior. Rugs are very interesting decorative items that are rich in history and have cultural significance. In modern times oriental rugs have been adapted to satisfy more contemporary tastes and are often made in workshops. A vibrant oriental rug’s rich colors and elaborate designs can effortlessly transform the entire look and feel of a room. Oriental rugs are more expensive than the normal area rugs so visit multiple rug wholesalers to get the best price rugs in London.

Remember that when you are buying an oriental rug you are not just purchasing a rug but making an investment. Modern spaces coupled with traditional or even antique rugs represent a stunning solution. But buying an original oriental rug is a mean task. It is not easy for normal folks who are amateurs to identify rugs and know the distinction between an authentic handmade Oriental rug and a machine made a rug. There are several misconceptions about new oriental rugs that often mislead buyers and refrain them from purchasing the best price rugs in London. Here we will discuss some of the common misconceptions that you should ignore when buying oriental rugs:

1. Old Rugs are Made from Natural Dye and New Rugs have Synthetic Dye

Most rugs and carpets that are available on the market now that are considered old were made with synthetic dyes and only some new rugs are now made with natural dyes.

2. New carpets with an old look have been given a bath in tea
Tea is sometimes used, but almost always in combination with other substances whose effects are permanent.

3. If you find bands of slightly different color run across a rug, it is a sign of natural dyes
This disparity in color is a sign that wool has been dyed in small batches, each batch is slightly different in shade.

4. New Oriental rugs are no longer made by hand
One of the most important facts about Oriental rugs is that they are all hand-knotted and made from hand-spun wool and natural dyes.

Moroccan Rugs – Exclusive Handmade Work

Moroccan handmade carpets, or hand hitched mats, are exclusive in that each carpet is made by a different craftsman who passes on her historical legacy in her apt creation. Regularly working in cooperatives, these ladies live in provincial regions of Morocco and by and large give a very long time to taking a shot at a solitary carpet. The themes and examples of Moroccan mats can be emblematic of the family from which the weaver comes, illustrative of riches or economic wellbeing or characteristic of a specific religious conviction.

Handmade carpets usually utilize natural dyes that convert into energetic colors, making them more conspicuous accent pieces than producing carpets. With their many-sided themes and flashy colors, high quality Moroccan rugs in London will add warmth and profundity to uncover floors in any room of your home.

The characteristic colors that are frequently utilized are yellow, red, blue, green, burgundy, white and dark. The white and dark are made of sheep fleece, the blue from the indigo plant, burgundy from pomegranate, the yellow from saffron, the red is normally extricated from henna and the green is made of mint. All other dyes utilize a blend or a shade of the colors said above.

One of the benefits of utilizing normal colors in high quality mats is their durable life, which gives continuance and immortal polish. They are bits of artistic work in that they are a lifetime venture, expected to be appreciated, respected and passed on to a great many generations.

The intricate designs of every single carefully assembled mat are made utilizing at least one of three noteworthy sorts of weaving: heap weave, flat weave and hand-tufted. Heap weaves or hitched weave is the technique most utilized and comprises of making ties with contrast, flat weave does not utilize ties in the weaving procedure, so the surface seems flat. Likewise with the flat weave, a hand-tufted floor covering is made without tying ties. In this procedure yarn or wool is pushed through an essential support, which makes the tufts. They are then stuck together, and a second and third establishment is connected to the back of the carpet. The circles of the tufts are then sheered as the last advance of the procedure. Typically, Moroccan Rugs in London utilize either a heap or level weave or a mix of the two.

There is nothing more exceptional than something handmade. Innovative utilization of shading and perplexing details are intrinsic in every single high quality floor covering. These qualities are particularly clear in Moroccan carpets. Bring one piece in order to give an elegant touch to your home with a Moroccan carpet and let the excellence of the lovely craftsmanship fill your lounge area, family room, room or corridor.

How to Choose a Rug for Home on Every Budget

Rugs not only help to fill empty floor place but also reflects your personality and lifestyle. Make the room look alive by adding an exquisite oriental rug and spruce up the décor. The tight construction, intricate woven designs, and natural tonal hues make rugs the ultimate centre piece. If you are confused about how to choose a rug for home then remember that one of the important things that you need to keep in mind while decorating rooms with rugs is that, the different elements within the space should work together and not against each other.


Select the size of the rug very carefully. To enhance the décor of the room the rug should be anchored under the furniture of the room. For spaces such as the living, dining and bedroom, a larger rug that sits under multiple pieces of furniture, brings the pieces together to create a cohesive effect. But when a rug serves a particular purpose then it can sit in the middle of the room like keeping the floor dry in the bathroom or separating the area. Rugs also help to define areas so place them wisely.


The intricate design of the rug and its vibrant natural tones can complement the rather plain décor of the room and make it look exciting. If you have a muted design that is very minimal you can choose a rug with a pop colour or add a contrast in texture to balance the effect. A room that has dormant colours can be decorated with a vibrant rug to add some flavour to it and make a statement.


It is a known fact that the price of the rug is directly proportional to the size of the rug. So the larger the rug the more will be the cost of the rug. If you are on a tighter budget don’t be afraid to cut a few inches. If the front feet of most of the furniture sit on the rug it is enough to create the separate feeling.