Decorating Your Home with Handmade Rugs

Rugs are a popular choice for decorating many gorgeous homes because they not only enhance the beauty of the space but it is also placed on the floor so that you can feel the warmth and comfort. Traditional handmade rugs have their own specialty as they are known for the unique design and longevity. Each handmade rug is unique as you will not find another rug with the same design anywhere else in the world. Each rug has its own unique design and pattern that is different from the second one.

Keep in mind that recognizing a handmade rug is a difficult thing to do. Some of the facts on the basis of which rug can be distinguished are color, design, and craft. The skills which have been used at the time of weaving the rug, as well as the material used and a number of knots placed on the rug is also a big measure of the quality of these handmade rugs.

Benefits of using Homemade Wool Rugs

If you are planning to invest in a handmade rug to decorate your home then it is better to invest in a wool rug.

  • Rugs made from wool are resistant in nature and they last for generations.
  • Handmade wool rugs do not absorb soil and dust so you don’t need to clean it often.
  • These types of rugs are just perfect for high traffic areas in your house or for the children’s room as it does not get dirty easily.
  • The natural material from which handmade rugs are made from is also resistant to static electricity
  • Handmade rugs are fire resistant so it will keep your family safe.
  • Wool rugs suck up to 30% of its weight in the water so it is a natural absorber of water.

How to choose the best rug for your home?

  • You should keep certain factors in mind when you are selecting traditional homemade rugs for your home:
  • Make sure, that the design and color of the rug match with that of your room.
  • Price is another major consideration which should be kept in mind while making a purchase of the rug to make sure that it is within your budget.
  • You should ensure that you are buying original homemade rugs and not a fake one.

Best Places to Adorn an Oriental Hand Knotted Rug


Our home should reflect who we really are. And after living in a house for a long time you must feel like a change – a makeover for your home just like changes in our lives. There are hundreds of different ways to renew or update the look of your home. Using floor rugs is one of the best ways to give a makeover to your place. You may add a new rug or simply replace your old rug with a new one. A simple trick can bring a huge difference and your home will look brand new without doing much to the entire space.

When we say a great rug, we simply mean one and only hand knotted rug. Since ages, oriental hand knotted rugs have been highly coveted and praised because of their beauty, crafted designs and durability. These rugs are soft to feel yet tough enough to last longer. Now, have a look on the ideal places of your home where you can place your rugs –

Living Room

Adorning your living room with a beautiful hand knotted rug is always a great idea. These rugs could make the living room more comfortable and attractive. One of the greatest advantages of using oriental hand knotted rugs is that they can complement any place no matter what your theme and style of interior decoration. If there is large space in the room, you may consider using a large area rug. Even a smaller one can add some attractive accents to your living room.

Dining Room

Your next stop should be your dining room. A beautiful hand knotted rug is enough to set the tone and bring life to the space. For the dining space, we recommend you to choose wool as woollen rugs are easy to clean and maintain. Since wool is naturally repellent to dirt, you may find easier to keep the dining room neat and clean.


Embellishing your bedroom with a magnificent oriental hand knotted rug can give an elegant touch to the space. This rug is the perfect combination of warmth and comfort, beauty and style. For bedrooms, you can choose either wool or silk as its material. But silk may not last as longer as wool. So you can use the silk rug for the corners of the bedroom where it will receive less wear.

In fact, a hand knotted rug can be used anywhere in your room. All you need to do is pick the right size, shape and design so that it can match the rest of the decoration.

Add Grace and Luxury to Your Home with Traditional Handmade Rugs

Being a homeowner, it is natural that you may have visualised a look of your home in a particular way – it can be a modern look, vintage look or fusion of these two looks. Whichever look you envision for your space, the right rug is perfect to add grace and luxury to your chosen style.

Whether you want to decorate your interior in the vintage style or contemporary style, the traditional handmade rugs serve all the purposes as they work well in all types of environments.

Why to choose a traditional handmade rug for your home?

Each home has some uniqueness in look, interior styling and the taste of its owner. Some homeowners wish to hark back to the old days and add an antique feel to their living space. For them, the traditional hand-knotted or hand-tufted rugs are just perfect to be used as the focal piece for living room or hallway.

Not only for vintage look, but also these handmade rugs work well in traditional, transitional, contemporary or minimalistic interior style. If you find your room cold and stark, a good way to add splashes of colours and warmth in that space is by placing a traditional looking authentic handmade rug. And if your home is decorated in more modern style, a traditional rug can cleverly blend the old and new designs to offer an attractive and unique interior look to your space.

What type of traditional handmade rug should you choose?

Some handmade rugs come with opulent vintage designs combining an electric mix of eye-catching colours. You may often find the conventional layouts with geometric patchworks patterned in multiple colours. Most of the traditional rugs straightforwardly follow the Persian and Oriental floral designs and classical looks.

Now, traditional handmade rugs come in a wide range of variety. One of them is the hand tufting rugs with cut pile surface. On the other hand, you have superior option like hand knotted traditional rugs that offer more grace and glamour to your living space. These hand knotted rugs take much time and skill in their manufacturing process.

You have another option like hand hooking method as the finishing technique that ultimately ends up with a looped pile surface. 

Nowadays, you may get the copies of handmade Persian, Oriental and Afghan rugs following the machine made technique. Unfortunately, these are also advertised as ‘handmade’ rug though there is a big difference in quality, durability and value. The best option for traditional handmade rug is to go for a hand knotted rug offered by an authentic rug seller.

How Carpets and Rugs Can Serve Your Practical Purposes?

Apart from aesthetic look and stylish addition, carpets and rugs do serve a lot of practical purposes. Their practicality has made them essential part of our household. After spending a hectic day at your workplace, when you step inside your home and get the luxurious feel of rug under your feet, half of your tiredness disappears. Carpets and rugs also ensure the safety of your kids and keep the wooden flooring scratch free.

Have a look on the practical usage of carpets and rugs that make them an indispensable part of our homes.

Protection from Slippy Floors

People, who have kids or pets at the household, should consider the carpets and rugs in order to keep their children and pets safe from the slippery floors. Of course, it is true that it is easier to clean the wooden floor, especially when the kids or pets make it messy. But the slippery floors can be dangerous and cause them harm. If you cover the floor with an anti-slip rug, you can lessen the chance of accident. At least, you can make it sure that the rugs can prevent the kids from falling on the floor. To make your home accident-proof, you must look for some carpets and rugs retailers to purchase a good quality anti-slip rug or carpet.

Maintaining Your Floor

A carpet or rug not only helps in improving the interior of your room, but also makes your task of household maintenance easier. If you can strategically place the rug on the floor, it can help you to keep the flooring clean and new. If there is any stubborn stain or spill on the floor, you can easily hide it under the rug. Oftentimes, children often damage the floor by scratching or staining. If you keep the flooring area covered with a rig, you can protect it from those stains and spillages. Moreover, if you have a toddler at your house who is at his crawling stage, your rug can provide him a safe place to play with his toys.

Preventing Scratches

You may take pride of your beautiful wooden flooring. But can you bear the sight of your favourite floor leaving with lacklustre and scratches after regular wear and tear? Instead of looking for some technique to repair those wears and tears, if you purchase an attractive rug and cover the flooring area with it, you can resolve the matter in much hectic and inexpensive way.

You may find several carpets and rugs retailers both online and in physical stores who offer you exclusive range of rugs and carpets at a great price. You need to purchase them not only for aesthetic look but also for their practice use.

How to Identify Genuine Oriental Rugs?

The Indian rugs seller in UK offers a wide array of meticulously curated Persian, Oriental and Moroccan style traditional rugs to woo art lovers across the globe. An oriental rug adds the perfect amount of warmth and charm to a room so interior designers often include authentic and beautiful oriental rugs from Indian rugs seller in UK to enhance the decoration of a room. If you have decided to make your home more welcoming by decorating it with oriental rugs then this can guide you to identify the genuine Oriental rug from the fake ones available in the market.

Check the back of the rug

Examine the back of the rug to identify its authenticity. The back of a genuine hand knotted oriental rug will be soft and will match the pattern on the top pile. If the back of the rug is made from hard plastic then your rug is not made from soft wool but synthetic material. Many rug makers use latex glue to hold the rug together in synthetic rugs which can create a health hazard for your family if you have a latex related allergy. A genuine Oriental rug made from wool would last for ages while a synthetic rug is not meant for prolonged use so select wisely.

Check if Natural Dye is used

Original Oriental rugs are made from natural dyes that are obtained from natural resources like indigo plants, the bark of trees, fruits and insects.Natural dyes might fade with time or when exposed to sunlight but even the faded effect accentuates the beauty and value of the rug. Synthetic dye lasts longer than natural dyes when exposed to sunlight. If you want more variety in colors then go for synthetic dye. Natural dye softens and harmonizes the appearance of the rug and gives it a traditional look.

Examine if the fringes are sewn or glued on

The fringe of a rug is very vital as it holds the rug together. The fringe of a hand-knotted rug will be an extension of the weave of the rug as it is the skeleton of the rug but if the rug is machine woven then the fringe will be sewn or glued on. It is often witnessed that Indian rugs seller in the UK sew fake fringes to a rug to make it look like a genuine Oriental rug. Examine the back side of your gorgeous rug to determine if the Oriental rug is a fake one.

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5 Ideas to Decorate a Room with the Latest Design Rugs Collection

Put emphasis on the ambience and the decor of a room by choosing the right floor rug. Add warmth to the room and help layer the room’s décor with the perfect Oriental rug from Yarash Oriental Rugs. Transform the room and create a gorgeous space for yourself with the latest design rugs collection. Many renowned interior decorators believe that the carpet is the heart and soul of the room. So, give your dwelling an inexorable chic look with a vibrant oriental rug.


Begin by selecting the rug– The trick is to first select the rug and then decide on the colour scheme, furniture arrangement and accessories accordingly. Selecting the rug will help you visualise how the room will be laid out and what colours will look great in it.


Select the size of the rug– Choosing the right sized rug is very important as a smaller rug will make the room appear smaller and an over-sized one will simply look awkward. You can also choose a number of smaller rugs to define different areas.


Try layering with multiple rugs– Professional interior decorators often opt for the decorating idea of layering with multiple rugs to spruce a room. The base rug is usually larger in size and neutral in colour, the rugs that are used to add layers are of vibrant colours with interesting patterns.


Choose the right coloured rug– Make the room look sophisticated with the right coloured rug that will add character to the room. A rug with darker colours in it brings the height of the room down making it look cramped and the rug with light colours in it makes the ceiling seem higher.


Select bold patterns– Select from the latest design rugs collection and experiment with bold patterns that will strongly impact the interior of the room. Small designs accentuate the furniture while bold large designs will make the rug be the focal point of the interior of the room.


We understand that it is very difficult to choose a rug without viewing it in the room or space it will be decorated in. You will be spoilt for choice if you see the latest design rugs collection of Yarash Oriental Rugs. We have experts to help you choose the right rug for your room according to the dimensions of the room and the décor. If you are still confused about which one to buy, call Yarash Oriental Rugs on: 020 8800 3307 and request for a home viewing free of cost in the UK.